Discover Reputation Management On Auto Pilot

When someone is looking for a Home Stager or any type of business for that matter in their local area, they may well choose to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.

But in many cases, they will just do a Google Search or check Yelp or Angies List etc, to see who had received good reviews online.

For many businesses, it is difficult to get even your happiest customers to post anything, even when they say they will.

On the other hand, virtually every business has had the “jerk” of a client who got their nose out of joint over whatever, who is more than willing to put their personal tirade online for all to see.

These negative reviews cost businesses thousands of dollars in sales.

It’s hard to explain your side of the story when a new prospect sees a low Star score and doesn’t even bother to read the review and your response to it.

That’s one big reason I love this new Rep Pilot system.

It encourages your customers to leave reviews on auto pilot and makes it as simple as it can be for them to actually do so.

More importantly, it helps redirect those who would give you a low star rating to an alternate path where their gripes are sent to you, instead of to a review site.

And it does it all completely in compliance with the ethical standards of the review industry.

On Tuesday Feb 25th at 11:00 AM CST, I will be conducting my first ever Google + Hangout on the use and advatages of the Rep Pilot System.

You will be able to watch that right here, and if you are unable to attend live, you will be able to come back to the page afterwards and see the replay.

 Now is the time to pay attention to your online reputation.  Most of your competitors are content to let things happen as they will. 

Those who proactively care for and nurture their online reputation today will reap rewards for doing so for years to come.

Be sure to join me on Tuesday or at least stop by to see the replay afterward.

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