Home Staging to Sell: Expert Real Estate Tips

 like video. People watch videos, which is why its a great idea to produce your own to display on your web site or blog. But also on You Tube. You tube is the world’s second largest search engine and growing fast. When you do create a video make sure you put your URL to your web site or blog as the very first thing in the Description box, and then tell people to click on it in your video or by way of annotations within the video.

That will help you get traffic and backlinks to your site.

Then write an article for the article directories and put a link to both your video and to your site in the resource box for the article. That will help drive traffic to both and increase viewers to your video on YouTube. This second step will help raise the video within YouTube and start you on your way to enhanced results from your YouTube efforts.

This video doesn’t need to be long. The following video is only a little over 2 minutes long and focuses on decluttering. Keep it simple and short and on topic.

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